SENCEPTION is a recent SME focused on cooperative sensing and a spin-off of the Portuguese research unit COPELABS, University Lusofona. We cherish the vision of improving the daily routine of citizens via the development of user-friendly technology. We build such vision via the mission of designing and producing pervasive technology that assists the capture and the inference of interactions among people, and their surroundings. We are currently developing an open software platform (PerSense), to be released as basic and premium version in 2014. Its value-add is inference of future roaming behavior based on data collected by multiple software addons, from multiple devices. The second part is one of such add-ons, MOT (Moving Object Tracker). MOT is focused on wireless location tracking and future behavior estimation and is based on a patent pending mechanism. The PerSense platform can reside anywhere in the network. It can be an embedded system or a fully centralized system, and a specific module shall be provided to the global community, to be used in devices such as wireless access points (e.g. based on OpenWRT). MOT is a solution that resides on an embedded device.

Role in UMOBILE project

In UMOBILE, SENCEPTION is willing to contribute with its know-how in pervasive sensing, both conceptually and as developers/integrators. SENCEPTION shall provide its core pervasive middleware platform, to assist in developing contextual inference that is required in UMOBILE.


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