The deliverable "D.6.10. Data Management Plan" has been submitted to the EC Project Officer.

UMOBILE participates in the "Pilot on Open Research in HORIZON 2020: it's required to develop a Data Management Plan (DMP), in which it's specified what data will be open. This Data Management Plan explains which of the research data generated in UMOBILE will be made open, how data will be shared and which procedures will be put in place for long-term preservation of the data.

Download the deliverable here.

The deliverable "D.6.1. Dissemination Plan" has been submitted to the EC Project Officer.

The document describes the dissemination activities that have been achieved during the first six months of the project, and provides an outline of what is planned for the next months. An overview is given of all dissemination opportunities identified through traditional communication channels such as events attendance, project publications and project presentations, complemented by online activities based on the project Website, and on the main social platforms.

Download the deliverable here.

The deliverable "D.2.1. End-User Requirements Report" has been submitted to the EC Project Officer

The document covers user requirements for the UMOBILE architecture, from the perspective of the end users. The goal is to ensure that there is an alignment on DTN as well as ICN requirements for end users, in order to support information or data-­‐centricity.

Download the deliverable here.

UMOBILE project has been presented at the COPELABS Openday event on June 18th, 2015, Lisbon (Portugal). An animated video show one of the possible application of the novel architecture: microblogging in an intermittent connected internet. The presented poster, the disseminated abstract and video are available for download here.

PhD Liang Wang, Research associate at Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge (UK) held a presentation on "Service Centric Networking for the Developing World" at Cosener's 2015 (Next Generation Networking, Multi-Service Networks workshop) in Oxford.

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